February 16, 2015

Finding Switch - Bulb Association

Problem 1: There are three light bulbs in a room. Outside the room are three switches which operate those bulbs. You know that the bulbs are initially turned off and you can toggle the switches as much as you want. While you toggle the switches, you cant peek inside the room. Finally when you are done with the switches, you enter the room once and you have to tell which switch is associated with which bulb.

Solution: show

Problem 2: Same problem as 1, but now we dont know if the bulbs are initially on or off. So in a way we do not know if turning the switch up turns on the bulb or turns it off. All we know is that all the bulbs are in same state, i.e., all are either on or off. Now we have to toggle the switches and enter the room once and tell which switch operates which bulb.

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